Covenants, Restrictions and Easements


THIS DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, RESTRICTIONS, AND EASEMENTS FOR REATA PLACE ADDITION (the "Declaration") is made effective as of the ________ day of _____________, 1999 by Team Ranch Partnership, a Kansas general partnership (herinafter referred to as the "Declarant").


Declarant is the owner of certain real property in Tarrant County, Texas, which is more particularly described on Exhibit "A" attached hereto and made a part hereof.

Declarant intends to develop on lands, including, but not limited to, the real property described above, a development to be known as Reata Place Addition (hereinafter referred to as the "Subdivision"). Declarant intends by this Declaration to impose mutually beneficial restrictions under a general plan of improvement for the benefit of all owners of residential property within the Subdivision by the recording of this Declaration and amendments thereto. Declarant desires to provide a flexible and reasonable procedure for the overall development of the Subdivision. Declarant also desires to establish a method for the administration, maintenance, preservation, use, and enjoyment of the property that is now or hereafter subjected to this Declaration and certain other properties described in this Declaration.

Declarant has caused the Reata Place Homeowners Association, Inc. to be formed as a Texas non-profit corporation to perform certain functions for the common good and general welfare of the Owners (as hereinafter defined).

Declarant hereby declares that all of the real property described above shall be held, sold, and conveyed subject to this Declaration, which is for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desireability, and attractiveness of the Property (as hereinafter defined). The Covenants, Restrictions, and Easements set forth herein shall run with the Property, and shall be binding on all parties having or acquiring any right, title, or interest in the Property or any part thereof, and shall, subject to the limitations herein provided, inure to the benefit of each Owner, his heirs, grantees, distributees, legal representatives, successors, and assigns and to the benefit of Reata Place Homeowners Association, Inc.