Mortgagee Provisions

Mortgagee Provisions


The following provisions are for the benefit of holders of first mortgages on Residences in the Subdivision, The provisions of this Article apply to both this Declaration and to the Bylaws, notwithstanding any other provisions contained therein.

14.01 Notices of Action. An institutional holder, insurer, or guarantor of a first mortgage, who provides written request to the Association (such request to state the name and address of such holder, insurer, guarantor, and the Residence number, therefore becoming an "eligible holder”), will be entitled to timely written notice of:

(a) any condemnation loss or any casualty loss which affects a material portion of the Subdivision or which affects any Residence on which there is a first mortgage held, insured, or guaranteed by such eligible holder;

(b) any delinquency in the payment of assessments or charges owed by an Owner of a Residence subject to the mortgage of such eligible holder, where such delinquency has continued for a period of sixty (60) days; provided, however, notwithstanding this provision, any holder of a first mortgage, upon request, is entitled to written notice from the Association of any default in the performance by an Owner of a Residence of any obligation under the Declaration or Bylaws of the Association which is not cured within sixty (60) days; or

(c) any proposed action which would require the consent of a specified percentage of eligible mortgagees.

14.02 Special FHLMC Provision. So long as required by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, the following provisions apply in addition to and not in lieu of the foregoing. Unless at least two-thirds (2/3) of the first mortgagees or at least two—thirds (2/3) of the total Members of the Association entitle to vote thereon consent, the Association shall not:

(a) by act or omission seek to abandon, partition, subdivide, encumber, sell, or transfer the Common Property which the Association owns, directly or indirectly (the granting of easements for public utilities or other similar purposes consistent with the intended use of the Common Property shall not be deemed a transfer within the meaning of this subsection);

(b) change the method of determining the obligations, assessments, dues, or other charges which may be levied against an Owner;

(c) by act or omission change, waive, or abandon any scheme of regulations or enforcement thereof pertaining to the architectural design or the exterior appearance and maintenance of Residences and of the Common Property (the issuance and amendment of architectural standards procedures, rules and regulations, or use restrictions shall not constitute a change, waiver, or abandonment the meaning of this provision);

(d) fail to maintain insurance, as required by this Declaration; or

(e) use hazard insurance proceeds for any Common Property losses for other than V the repair, replacement, or reconstruction of such property.

First mortgagees may, jointly or singly, pay taxes or other charges that are in default and that may be or have become a wulizmge against the Common Property and may pay overdue premiums on casualty insurance policies or secure new casualty insurance coverage upon the lapse of an Association policy, and iirst mortgagees making such payments shall be entitled to immediate reimbursement from the Association.

14.03 No Priority. No provision of this Declaration or the Bylaws gives or shall be construed as giving any Owner or other party priority over any rights of the first mortgagee of any Residence in the cases of distribution to such Owner of insurance proceeds or condemnation awards for losses to or a taking of the Common Property.

14.04 Notice to Association. Upon request, each Owner shall be obligated to furnish to the Association the name and address of the holder of any mortgage encumbering such Owner’s Lot and Residence.

14.05 Amendment by Board. Should the Veterans Administration, the Federal National Mortgage Association, or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation subsequently delete any of the their respective requirements that necessitate the provisions of this Article or make any such requirements less stringent, the Board, without approval of the Owners, may cause an amendment to this Article to be recorded to reflect such changes.

14.06 Veterans Administration Approval. As long as the Declarant has an option unilaterally to subject property to this Declaration as provided in Article XII, the following actions shall require the prior approval of the Veterans Administration so long as the Veterans Administration is guaranteeing any mortgage in the Subdivision: annexation of additional property to the Subdivision, except for by Declarant in accordance with Article XII, pursuant to a plan of annexation previously approved by the Veterans Administration; dedication of Common Property to any public entity; and material amendment of the Declaration, Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation.

14.07 Applicability of Article XIV. Nothing contained in this Article shall be construed to reduce the percentage vote that must otherwise be obtained tmder the Declaration, Bylaws, or Texas law for any of the acts set out in this Article.

14.08 Failure of Mortgagee to Respond. Any mortgagee who receives a written request from the Board to respond to or consent to any action shall be deemed to have approved such action if the Association does not receive a written response from the Mortgagee within thirty (30) days of the date of the Association’s request.

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